As i said awhile back,

I am going to start my blogs again that is basically a journal of my day or whatever is on my mind.

I am going to talk about Chris Williams Music and other things. I have a lot of things going on and stay pretty busy but really want to make time for this. As some of you know, besides my music, I own a florist in Mt Pleasant Sc and we are celebrating 60 years on the 8th of this month. This is certainly a milestone that I did not create alone. I had a lot of help in prior years from my family as well. As some know, my grandmother started it in 1956. After that, my aunt and uncle ran it along with my cousin Lauren Seaborn.

I stay pretty busy lol.. That's putting it lightly.

I want to start doing some music videos from my latest album and maybe past albums.

I just got a Go Pro Hero 4 Black camera and from what I understand, this is the top of the line. However, it never fails when I buy something, someone else has something bigger. who knows if it is.

I do know that these are very nice cameras and I have some serious learning to do on both using it and editing.

I would love to also do a commercial for us as well. We will see.


I have to fit the time lol

until then, Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for your support



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