In the next few weeks, I am going to start blogging as much as I

can each week and maybe on a daily basis.

Some days , i am going to talk about certain topics and other days, I may be talking

about whats on my mind or my day. By no means will I write anything to offend or make anyone mad.

Our input or opinions can be very healthy and this is why we are all different.

So, for me, it will be like me  being a radio dj without an FCC license.

Years ago, I did this when I had a Myspace page and a lot of people read them on a daily basis and

I got quite a bit of positive feedback and it made for some interesting talk as well as a learning experience for me about people in general.

Most of you will click this link from social media pages or a google link and it will take you to here or my page where my music is.

Take some time to listen to some of my music


Stay tuned my friends and I hope you enjoy

until then, keep it real!!!!



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