I wanted to sit down and spill some thoughts today while I

try to wrap my head around the passing of Prince. It hit me in a weird way today by not realizing

just how much of an impact he had on me over the years. I know that he did on many of you.

This guy was a true musical genius and fought for creative freedoms and things his own way.

Not only did he fight for his own creative freedoms, he fought for others; more than I ever realized.

Prince was the kind of artist that lived his music everyday. He recorded everyday he could and wrote at least

one piece of music or something towards it every day of his life. This is amazing and not to mention that

he had a vault of thousands of pieces of music that we will be listening to for many years to come.

Hearing people who knew him talk about this is so cool.

This is what inspires artists like me and many others to do this no matter what.

Its lets us know that life is way too short to not do what you love and have a passion for. If you can make a living doing

what you truly love, you never work a day of your life and I have always believed that and I still do. This is why I push

to do my music as much as I can. It took my moms death to realize that life is too short to not do what you love,

no matter what it takes in life. I embrace this everyday as hard as it is sometimes.

My mom was an artist and she painted and taught art for many years and then she quit and I never knew why and may

never know why. Years ago, I had a brief moment in my life wondering if I was ever going to play music again. 

Trust me, it didn't take long to make that decision and my moms passing confirmed it. That is what motivates me


I know a lot of musicians besides my self are trying to process this

because it was definitely a shock. it is truly amazing how much impact someone can have on us and as odd he could be

at times, Prince was an amazing artist. Most of us would give anything to have the talent he had.

Someone on the radio today was talking about his last show in Atlanta last week and how amazing he was.


Very cool


Anyway, I Didn't want to be a bummer but it hits me weirdly when I hear of an artists passing that has made a great

impact on us and we have definitely lost too many this past year.

Its time for me to sit down and concentrate on my next album.


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Chris Williams



As i said awhile back,

I am going to start my blogs again that is basically a journal of my day or whatever is on my mind.

I am going to talk about Chris Williams Music and other things. I have a lot of things going on and stay pretty busy but really want to make time for this. As some of you know, besides my music, I own a florist in Mt Pleasant Sc and we are celebrating 60 years on the 8th of this month. This is certainly a milestone that I did not create alone. I had a lot of help in prior years from my family as well. As some know, my grandmother started it in 1956. After that, my aunt and uncle ran it along with my cousin Lauren Seaborn.

I stay pretty busy lol.. That's putting it lightly.

I want to start doing some music videos from my latest album and maybe past albums.

I just got a Go Pro Hero 4 Black camera and from what I understand, this is the top of the line. However, it never fails when I buy something, someone else has something bigger. who knows if it is.

I do know that these are very nice cameras and I have some serious learning to do on both using it and editing.

I would love to also do a commercial for us as well. We will see.


I have to fit the time lol

until then, Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for your support



In the next few weeks, I am going to start blogging as much as I

can each week and maybe on a daily basis.

Some days , i am going to talk about certain topics and other days, I may be talking

about whats on my mind or my day. By no means will I write anything to offend or make anyone mad.

Our input or opinions can be very healthy and this is why we are all different.

So, for me, it will be like me  being a radio dj without an FCC license.

Years ago, I did this when I had a Myspace page and a lot of people read them on a daily basis and

I got quite a bit of positive feedback and it made for some interesting talk as well as a learning experience for me about people in general.

Most of you will click this link from social media pages or a google link and it will take you to here or my page where my music is.

Take some time to listen to some of my music


Stay tuned my friends and I hope you enjoy

until then, keep it real!!!!




I'm working on the new site as you see. also,

the new album "Opportunity In time" is out now and yet I still have a lot of work to do.

This is called time management as you know. Someone asked me yesterday with amazement,

"How in the world do you find time?". One moment at a time with a little budgeting was my answer.

I definitely have to budget my time.

Stay posted for updates and info as time goes on.

I think I may start my daily thoughts journals again.

I enjoyed that and felt better doing it.

you can get my new album and others from my site or on cdbaby.com.

they are also out on I-tunes and Amazon.com as well.

Thanks for your support guys.

until then,


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