Chris Williams have been labeled on many occasions as a fresh face of instrumental music.

As a diverse artist, Chris has crossed the lines and broke the rules on several genres of music.
Chris Williams musical career was mainly in Memphis, TN for 20 years; out of the last 29 years.
Chris has played professionally as a guitarist in many bands over the years both locally and regionally.

Chris was on top of the Electronic and Techno music charts with MP3.COM  as well as a Rock instrumentalist with great album sales that followed. Chris Williams Download and streaming volume was some of the highest with  MP3.COM.

Chris Williams musical styles range from Rock, Blues, Southern Rock, Rock Instrumental, Experimental, Progressive, Electronica to Techno. Chris has also written and recorded with R&B and Rap/Hip Hop artists.
Memphis, TN has a broad culture of music and Chris Williams has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to experience this. He studied music at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Ca and gained a great appreciation of Jazz and what different types of artists have to offer.  Chris Williams has performed with Norman Brown who is one of the Biggest Jazz instrumental artist in the industry. Norman Brown was one of Chris Williams Instructors at Musicians Institute.

Chris has a broad range of musical influences such as, Joe Satriani, Mick Mars-Motley Crue, Eddie Van Halen, Norman brown, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Robert miles and many more.

Chris Williams music has been placed in local and national radio commercials and several presentation events and local, national and international tv on networks such as AMC TV, IFC and many more. Chris Williams music has been used in
The AMC TV series “The Walking Dead” and its promo ads.

Chris has also recorded with Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) and producer Scott Humphrey and is on
The new Methods of mayhem album “ A Public Disservice Announcement” that was released in September of 2010.  Chris Williams  7th album “Oddtimes is out now!!